If you check a search engine for "Vickie Guerrero Nude Photos", you can come up with over 100 pages of listings. But, what does it actually get you? On pro wrestling shows, much of what they say is fake anyway; so, the fact that they say such photos exist doesn’t mean much. If you check the listings, you can find sites with the "supposed" photos. But, a strapless dress may be covering most of her body for all you can tell from them. One site offered to show the uncensored photos if you joined the site. Others are porno sites, forum sites, pro wrestling sites, foreign language sites, sites no longer on the web, sites where it’s hard to understand where on the sites the photos (or, even MENTION of them) would be, etc. So, if you can tell me a site where the real pictures exist (if they DO), and they’re easy to find, don’t require time to "load", (or have to be downloaded), and they’re free, with no need to join the site (with no viruses, spyware, or, adware), I’d appreciate it. Thanks, in advance. If you DON’T have the info.; please, don’t reply.

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