Hey All,
Just thought i share some methods for finding back links via comments. Ive been having a lot of success by googling (using the intext feature) common footprints for comments that are more likely to follow your links.

1.First google : "keyword" intext:"Allowed HTML tags: <a>"
2.Check the page rank & if see if it nofollows links.
3.Test it out – you might get a couple of decent high page rank links (try and keep it subtle though )

Common Patterns

Suggests welcomed here but i’ve had success with the following:

intext:"Allowed HTML tags: <a>" (this one is very usefull)
intext:"by. oggix.com" (not very good quality and in iframes so worthless really )
intext:"Login or register to post comments"
intext:"URL" + "comment"
intext:"Add New Comment"
intext:"leave a response"

Any other good ones out there?

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