Advantages and disadvantages of online advertising

Ads by saying the word in public, perhaps in the minds of the small number of online promotions and it occurred to some low-time people who are dealing with Internet and computer with a look at the amount of Internet advertising, we find most of them related to Computer and goods to be computer related course is among the companies advertising on the Internet that have placed growing trend and expanding government support for Internet services is growing and the directors of both companies alon

1 – than ads on radio and television is cheaper.
2-is most easily done through online ads are activated for several hours and users are placed in perspective.
. 3 – According to many Internet sites advertising the opportunity to choose and a lot of managers and service providers can even advertise their free time.
3- expanding Internet use in the Internet advertising customers a lot of companies will be sent
1- All people are not familiar with computers and the Internet.
2 – see these ads depends on internet connection is the radio and television advertising in

general is more and more accessible.

Free Ads

Free Ads
Advertise Free With Us “free advertising dot crow Phoenix Rising ” B Free Ads 7 star is no different from regular advertising, because all are equal in both cases.
Free Ads and insert their own ads as a result of a few days See . Good advertising is advertising that customers can read it. Help us Rabkhvanyd ads and articles in brief as advertising and advertising free content we’ve brought you, but this does not mean that they read needs to be resolved.
We’ve always said a lack of advertising is bad advertising is better than having to price their ads, they can give customers they attract or repel





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