Blogging for beginners

Blogging for beginners

Blogs now a days are becoming very popular and common for those who want there articles to be read and commented upon and primarily for those who want an easy way to earn right from the comfort of their home. But, let me make something very clear, if you are among the 2nd group (They who want to earn from a blog) success will not be a piece of cake and will not come over a night.

Having said that I still say it is easy. Working from comfort of home should increase your patience. Patience, research, lots of hard work, a little amount of intelligence and common sense are the basic ingredients for a money making blog. I recommend you to not believe on all those “overnight success stories” spread all over the page which is a result of “online earning” search on any of the search engines. These are only plots to trap you in their deals which initially say “We are 100% free with 100% earning guarantee” but in the end of signing up a deal with them comes a request of so called easy and reasonable payment. I bet that you have been a victim to such sites. Well don’t worry, nothing is lost.

I will share with you in details about blogging and other ways of online earning in my articles. I don’t guarantee you success and neither can any one else in the e-world but i will encourage you to put in hard work and see the results yourself. I will try to keep things as simple for you as I can so that newcomers can also understand and make the most of my articles.

In order to start with a blog you need to keep in mind following steps. By one by one reading following steps and acting upon them you will be soon owning your very own blog and then comes the hard work part that you will have to put in: giving your time to it and keeping it active.

Selecting a topic for your blog
Selecting a blog service provider
Creating a blog
Selecting affiliate programes
Increasing traffic
Keeping your blog active


Selecting a topic for your blog


Selecting a topic for your blog is just like selecting a business in which you will earn. This is the very first step towards your success and if taken lightly will surely not let you achieve what you desire. People who are in a hurry to start with a blog don’t think about what topic they are selecting and come to a decision. This way they may select something that they are not very good at and end up calling this program a scam.

As I told you earlier that patience is the basic ingredient for successful earning online. Don’t hurry while choosing a topic. You should always choose a topic which you are good at. We cant expect a farmer to write blogs about rocket science. If you write a blog on a topic which you are good at you will definitely add in it better matter which will subsequently increase your readers and traffic.

Don’t forget to ask your family and friends suggestions about what you are good at because I also didn’t know that I am good enough at this topic(earning online) to start a blog on it. Think a normal internet user, what people search on internet mostly an


Select a blog provider service

Once you are done with selecting a good topic of which you have detailed knowledge and on which you can write a lot of stuff the next step comes in. Now you will have to choose a blog provider and almost all are free of cost. There are a lot of blog service providers available on internet you just have to choose one.

While choosing a blog provider you must keep in mind that you will be using that to create your own blog. If you are a newcomer or even if you are not you will like things to be easy and flexible for you. Thats what you need to keep in mind while selecting a blog service provider. Some providers give their users quite difficult tools to create a blog and they are quite inflexible which results in a bad looking blog which instead of attracting users repels them while some are very easy to use, user friendly and provide their users with very flexible tools to create blogs. Keep in mind that good looks also make your visitors want to come again and tell others about your blog.

Following are some user friendly services that you can use to create your very own blog:

You can find alot more such sites if you search but blogger is the number 1

Creating a blog

Once you have selected a blog provider service open its site. You will be asked to sign up in order to create your own blog. After signing up comes the creative part. Dont forget that your every action is directly responsible to draw traffic to your blog and while I say about creation of blog it is damn serious.

You will find a “create a blog” or a similar link after signing up procedure.Click it and after that select the looks of your blog, colors, fonts, templates, gadgets and other functionality for your blog. While doing so be very simple and think from a visitors mind. Choosing of better colors, templates, fonts and gadgets should be for making the visitor say that your blog is simply beautiful and different from other blogs.

Dont make your blog look so redundant, complex or superfluous try to keep it simple. When you see a very complex website you tend to find an alternate for that and of course you would not want that to happen to your blog

Directing trafic to your blog

Creating a blog after filling up long time consuming forms and placing ads after joining an affiliate program is not enough to get you a decent cash while you sit back on your comfortable chair. I told you that you generate a small revenue when a visitor of your site clicks on the ads you placed there. In order to have your site visited you will have to spend sometime each day to direct targeted visitors on your blog.

Q: What is a targeted visitor?
A: All those visitors who visit a site related to the topic they were searching are called targeted visitors.

They who accidentally come across your blog are not targeted visitors and their probability of clicking on any of the ads placed by you is almost zero. But the targeted traffic’s probability of hitting the ads is very high because they were looking for the topic of your blog and the ads placed on your blog are also relevant to the topic.

All the affiliate programs share a very little amount with you lets say they give you 0.1$ for every clicks your visitors do on the ads of your blog. So, in order to make your “online earning” dream come true you will have to direct a huge amount of traffic to your blog keeping in mind that all visitors dont click on the ads. The grater the traffic higher the earnings.

Here I will tell you a few effective ways of directing traffic to your blog. Going through all the following ways will drastically increase the traffic of your blog.

S.E.O (Search engine optimization)
Joining communities that discuss about blogging
Joining programs that offer traffic to your blog
Telling your own friends, relatives and family about your blog


Selecting affiliate program

What are Affiliate Programs?

An affiliate program is an excellent way of getting other websites to sell or promote your product or service for a commission. Affiliate programs are arrangements between an online merchant website and an affiliate website—the affiliate posts a link to the merchant site and is paid a commission for any traffic or sold items. Posting links with affiliates is an excellent way to sell products online, and it is an inexpensive and effective marketing strategy.

The two hottest techniques for generating a profit from blogging, involve marketing with AdSense and marketing affiliate programs and or products. I recommend begginers to use google adsense affiliate programe but I will explain both to you.

Using Affiliate Opportunities in Your Blogs

Starting blogs to recommend and promote particular affiliate products is very popular and easy to do. There are a quantity of internet sites that only deal with the offered affiliate items.  You just sign up at these sites and when a member, you have access to any and all of their listing to promote and make money.  How these work is after you are registered with them you will have your own personal ID, and that ID along with the vendors id numbers, you will be tracked with any clicks and business that come from that link.  Your one website that you can start with is, however if you go and google affiliate programs, you will find several more.  You can even go to certain business or product internet websites to check if they offer affiliate programs.  As a rule business sites that offer an associate program generally has a ‘affiliate’ link towards the bottom of their web page.  The best ones to look for are the ones that require the prospect to sign up for a membership.  If anyone signs up for those by way of your affiliate link, your profit will not only be that one time, but every month that they stay with that program.  Of course, any affiliate sales are good sales, membership or not, they all count up to revenue in your paypal account.

Using google AdSense to Create Revenue

Using AdSense is probably the most well-liked methods for bloggers to get revenue from their blog. Using this method is so popular since it can also be incredibly simple. AdSense is a program offered by Google where bloggers agree to have advertising on their blogs or website and are compensated after users click on these ads.  Bloggers merely have to design a blog and submit the website address of your blog as well as some added information to apply for involvement in AdSense. After a blog is approved the owner is assigned a code they can easily copy and paste to exhibit ads displayed on their blog. Google then serves correct advertising every time the blog is accessed. Whenever doable, the advertisings served on the blog are closely associated to the content of the blog, because Google crawls the website ahead of time to find out which advertisements are appropriate to your contents.

Having a Google adsense account is the first proper step to make living online using ads by Google. To this goal, it is wise to ensure that your website is in proper working condition before you apply for an account.

What would be the next step then?

Later on, Google will use its scripts to go through your website in order to evaluate it. Then, it will follow up with you using your email address in 2 to 3 days. In case your application is not denied, you will be able to use your account instantly.

Then, it is your duty to place the advertisements on your website. In this manner, the optimal position for your ads depends on the pages’ layout and the content of your site.

Keeping your blog active

Keeping your blog alive is no doubt an important factor if you want to continue making money. To keep the blogs alive, bloggers have to put in a lot of effort to effect continual blog maintenance to their blogs. Technology supports this move. Blog-publishing tools are helping to automate blog maintenance.

Certain factors that will have a bearing on the results of blog maintenance include the following:

Quality of Content and Extent of Time Commitment
What your blog needs is content. It should be fresh and of quality. The reason for this is because you need to entice readers to return to your blog for more refreshing information. It needs traffic to keep it alive and grow. Content for your blog should be updated actively. It can be scheduled to be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You have the prerogative to determine this schedule according to time availability.

Management of your Time Commitment

Posts can be written at any time of the day and at any place. When you have an inspiration or when an interesting topic strikes up in your mind, jot it down first. You should do the same even if many inspirations come to mind at the same time. There will be no scarcity of ideas to write your posts when you need them urgently. It would be good to fix a certain time of the day to compile your posts onto your blog.

Simple and Fast posting

Different types of posts can be written in many styles that suit your writing mood. Posts may vary in length. They may be easy or slightly more difficult. Posts can be written in a simple and fast manner. Be straight to the point in sentence construction. You can include a little personalization and emotion. Things that you can write about include a topic about your favorite memory, your ideal wish, what have you heard on the news today, or even what thing you have done lately that makes you feel proud to share. You can show your passionate feelings on such topics, and this makes writing so easy, because these are things you are familiar with. Reading will be so much more fun and pleasurable.

Archival of your posts

The archives that are part of your blog will support the function of archival for your posts. This is extremely effective as your readers will be able to retrieve them easily. You can decide on how the archival system should be constructed. Archives can be done on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For instance, monthly archiving will show the link indicating a single month Jan 2008, Feb 2008 and so on. Archives can also be categorized according to different topics.

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What is the best program for getting cash for clicks on my blog?

I want to write a general-interest blog about my career change and a blog about investing in the stock market. I would like to get a little money out of it, and I’m always reading about Internet advertising increasing dramatically. What is the best program for getting paid when people click a hyperlink on your blog to other sites?

Thank you,

how to Search Engine Optimization and Keywords?

How do I get my site way up at the top of google, yahoo, bing?

What are the main things I need to do to my site?

and is it possible to have different pages rank in the top keywords (example…)

can I get one page like to rank #1 for keyword phrade "dogs and skittles"

and have another pages like rank #1 for keyword search "apples and cat"

(that was hypothetical example obviously, i just want to know if I can have my site target several niches rather then one general keyword )
let me clarify, I want to know if I can have separate pages from my website rank #1 in there own separate keyword/phrase niches..


How can I find out my RSS feed for my blogs?

Does anyone know online where I can find my RSS feeds for my blogs? Are there any reliable online links that check will out my blogs and their RSS feeds?

Thanks for your help.

Supercharge Your Network Marketing WordPress Blog With 15 Must-Have Blog Plugins

Supercharge Your Network Marketing WordPress Blog With 15 Must-Have Blog Plugins

After setting up your home business blog, learning how to generate leads online is one of the first steps to your online MLM success. Wouldn’t your business be in a better position if you could turn all your MLM blog visitors into leads and prospects?
It is possible to enhance your MLM blog, hence improve your lead generation and conversion, and therefore potentially give you more leads and prospects for your home business.
Supercharging your network marketing blog
Below, I will give you a list of plugins that will supercharge your MLM blog, and I will also explain to you how and why the particular plugin helps you in your online network marketing efforts.
If your network marketing blog had the power to generate more high quality leads for you, and help you perform your social marketing, would you not be interested in knowing how? How do you think your business would look? When you have leads on-demand, you would focus on just recruiting and sponsoring, and that in itself can help shift your mentality to an abundance mentality, which does wonders for your home business.
My top wordpress blog plugins to supercharge your MLM business blog

1. Google XML Sitemaps plugin
This handy little plugin generates an XML sitemap of your home business website, and submits it to the search engines, all automatically. This is important, as Google uses the XML sitemap to get a view of all the pages and posts on your site. Effectively, this means that your pages and posts are indexed within the major search engines. Ensuring your content is optimized gives you more visitors, since your pages and posts are already indexed.

2. W3 total cache
This is an excellent caching plugin, and if used just right, it will speed up your network marketing blog by a large magnitude. Now that Google ranks your site on page load times, among other factors, this is an important plugin to have.
Not only is this plugin great for your site speed, from Google’s standpoint, but your readers and network marketing leads will love you for it. You may have visited a very slow-to-load blog before……how long did you stay on the site?
Used in combination with Amazon’s S3 and CDN services, W3 total cache will boost your network marketing blog speed by unbelievable factors.
If your MLM blog loads quickly, your readers are likely to stay longer and read your articles and posts. You of course have to have very good quality content on your MLM blog.

3. SEO All-In-One-Pack
All-In-One SEO plugin is handy for your crucial on-page Search Engine Optimization, unless you have installed the Thesis theme.
When you can rank very high in the search engines results pages, for relevant terms within your niche, you can get to attract the best MLM leads. Taking care of your on-page SEO factors goes a long way in helping you rank well on the search engines for your relevant terms. With good search engine rankings for your chosen terms, you get to attract more visitors to your MLM blog, and hence potentially generate better quality home business leads and prospects.
With the Thesis theme, SEO is in-built into the framework, and so the All-In-One-SEO plugin becomes unnecessary. If you have thesis, a lot of your SEO headaches are handled by the theme.

4. Yoast Breadcrumbs
Yoast Breadcrumbs gives blog readers a trail, so they know where in the heirarchy of your MLM blog, they are.
The links within Yoast Breadcrumbs are also useful to the search engines as they follow them, and get an indication as to your site structure. This is good for your overall search engine rankings.

5. FB Share Button
This is the traditional-looking Facebook button, that you have most likely seen if you have been visiting and viewing blogs. When a reader or blog visitor uses this plugin to share your blog article on their Facebook profile, their comment, together with a link to your article, is posted on their Facebook profile. This again potentially gives you more readers and visitors for your blog article. This gets you more home business leads, assuming of course your network marketing blog content is good enough.

6. Google Analyticator
This plugin displays Google analytics data within your network marketing blog. This is great in that, the plugin provides you with useful analytics information:
a) Where do your blog visitors come from
b) It shows you the keywords used by visitors to get to your MLM blog
c) Which pages do they seem to like more than others

7. Statpress plugin
Statpress gathers statistics and gives you valuable information, about your blog readers and visitors. You can view where your visitors are going, and what they are doing on your blog, all in real-time. Use of this plugin allows you to differentiate between the spiders and the human visitors.

8. Akismet plugin
Spam is a problem that is all over the internet. Akismet takes care of the spam problem for you. The more valuable your MLM blog, the more likely that you will have a lot of spammers interested in targetting your blog. If unchecked, spam leaves an unprofessional look on your MLM blog. Picture a blog talking about online network marketing lead generation, and you have comments linked to generic drugs. Every home business blog must absolutely have Akismet. When your blog visitors see a clean, focussed blog, they are more likely to stay.

9. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin
With this plugin, an html sitemap of your entire site is created for you automatically. This helps users navigate your site with ease, as they have links to all your content. With good quality content, you can keep a visitor for longer on your home business blog. This sitemap generator can be customized to your desire, and so you can determine what pages and posts appear.

10. Sexy Bookmarks plugin
With this plugin, readers can easily share your content. Through use of this plugin, you give your blog readers a multitude of social media platforms from which to share your content. This plugin gives your blog articles a wider viewership, as your readers get to share your amazing articles and posts with their friends and contacts on their social media profiles.

The result of this, is that you can attract and generate more leads and prospects for your MLM business, from just your single visitor.

11. SEOPressor plugin
This plugin makes your SEO simplified and easier on you, and helps you improve your search engine rankings for your particular target search terms.
Just as an expert Search Engine Optimization consultant will tell you what to do with your target keywords (if (s)he will), this plugin will do a similar job with your target keywords:
a) This plugin tells you the most optimal place to put your main search term
b) SEOPressor tells you if you keyword density is too high or too low
c) This plugin highlights your main keyword terms, by italicizing it, bolding it, and underlining it, which of course is important for search engine rankings.
To achieve greater rankings for your main keyword, you either have to know your SEO very well and hope for the best, or get SEOPressor and get good rankings for your keywords. Attracting more visitors when you have high rankings for your search terms is thus achievable, and you also get to generate more leads for your MLM business.
For network marketers with an already established network marketing blog, SEOPressor can be used to improve the on-page SEO factors of all your past pages and articles, hence boost their rankings and help you attract more visitors and leads for your home based MLM business.

12. FB Like plugin
The FB Like plugin lets your readers like your blog post, and this filters through to their Facebook profile. This then becomes visible to your blog reader’s friends and contacts on their Facebook profile, which is good for the viewership of your MLM blog.

13. Thank me later plugin
With this plugin, you can interact with your home business blog commenters, by sending them an email after they comment on your blog post. You can use this to connect with your commenters on a deeper level, or remind them to connect with you on the social media profiles, or subscribe to your feed. This simple gesture can go a long way in forming and cementing relationships with your MLM blog commenters. Network Marketing is about building relationships, so this plugin is handy to have.

Armed with this information, you can set about optimizing your network marketing blog articles and posts, in order to attract more prospects. When you know which content your home business prospects and visitors seem to like, you can optimize your blog content to target more of the relevant keywords.

14. Tweetmeme retweet plugin
Your MLM blog readers can share your blog content with their twitter followers, through the use of this plugin. Included with this plugin, is a live counter, showing how many times your blog post has been shared on twitter. With a good quality blog post, the retweet counter will show high numbers, and this in itself invites a lot more visitors and potential home business leads.

15. Popup Domination
Any home business owner with some online presence will undoubtedly be intereseted in generating leads for their home business.
This plugin allows you to generate leads for your home business. Some of the top marketer’s online use nice-looking popup webforms to capture leads. That’s Popup
Domination in action.
Using this plugin saves you the hassle of having to design your popup web form.
This plugin works well with the major autoresponder services, and has been producing amazing results for some of the well-known marketers around.
More leads and subscribers potentially gives you more sales and more downline team members; having Popup Domination will definitely help your home business.
The plugins above, are my pick of plugins that will supercharge your network marketing blog, and help you generate more leads for your home business.

When you supercharge your MLM blog, you can generate high quality network marketing leads and prospects, brand yourself, and put upfront cash into your pocket. Michael T. Makahamadze shows home business owners, how to build a real MLM business, around YOU, using technology and the internet.

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How Do You Increase Your Sales through Search Optimized Websites

How Do You Increase Your Sales through Search Optimized Websites

Since the advent of the internet, the concept of using internet marketing has become common as well as imperative. According to some statistics, the number of internet businesses operating online has surpassed the number of businesses who are operating offline such as those which we can call brick and mortar companies. Hence, internet sales account for the majority of the marketing and sales that take place in the world. In order to achieve success at this front, it is essential to make sure that your search optimized websites are operating at full efficiency.

For you to increase the number of your sales as well as to increase your profitability, you need as much random traffic as possible from the net. However, you also need to make sure that this random traffic is converted into sales. In many cases, what is happening is that the web site itself may be generating enough of traffic, but you may not be able to convert this traffic in to direct sales. Hence, besides the concept of search optimized websites, the concept of conversion optimization also becomes important. In order to facilitate this, you would need to get some sort of professional help in order to accomplish these tasks.

There are various companies out there that provide professional services such as link building services, reputation management, creating search optimized web sites as well as helping you with conversion optimization. Of course, all of these are processes that take time and diligence to succeed; so you will have to make sure that you choose an appropriate company to help you out in your task. You can use the internet to help you find a company that specializes in SEO services, but you will have to make sure that the company has experience in your particular niche.

It is great to know about Search Optimized Websites which is very important if you want to market your website.

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Social Media Made Easy

Social Media Made Easy

Social media, according to Wikipedia, “is the application of electronic along with Internet tools for the purpose of sharing and discussing information and experiences with other human beings.” In laypersons terms, Social Media is all about socializing; it comes down to discovering other ways to get in touch with other people for the objective of sharing details; and in the past decade or so, social internet marketing is continuing to grow significantly, continually changing and evolving even as we speak. This is the reason it’s so extremely crucial to keep up with the latest methods and happenings.

You Are Probably Using Social Media Without Knowing it

For anybody who believe that you have not heard of social media before or aren’t totally sure what it looks like, chances are you have seen it and are most likely utilizing it without realizing it! When it comes to social media, there’s a variety of programs and web sites obtainable at just the mouse click. The following is merely a smattering of some of the most popular social media sites:


Today, an ever-increasing number of individuals have begun to realize the significance of social media when it comes to business and marketing. Over the years, the internet has taken on a much more prominent position in the lives of thousands of people and businesses around the globe. Other media and marketing strategies, that take shape in the form of tv adverts, print advertisements as well as radio, have had difficulty keeping up with the faster and much more cost-effective appeal of the web. If you think about how many households possess a laptop or computer within their house as well as the number of people spend time on-line, you’ll find that increasing promoting in this region is more efficient.

Taking Things One Step at a Time

Should you be just starting to get your feet wet with social media, all of the facts on the market can seem really overwhelming. Don’t be concerned about this though. Just take things 1 step at any given time. To begin with, bear in mind what the three W’s of the internet are:

1.Who are you attempting to target?

2.What exactly is it you are attempting to draw readers’ attention to? Could it be a product or service?

3.Where are the most useful areas or social media areas to focus on building relationships? What’s your niche?

The Changing Face of Social media

As mentioned previously, social media is constantly altering and growing. There was a time when Myspace along with Facebook were used almost exclusively by way of a somewhat more youthful audience for the mere function of reuniting with old friends and building unique profiles to show off. These days, businesses have discovered the significance of platforms like this for advertising their goods and/or services. Although social networking continues to be about connecting with others, it is much more about creating the bond with other people so that you can share (or promote) your own personal ideas.

Much like any good thing, you’ll find people that spoil the enjoyment for the rest of us. If you are not cautious when using social media, you will soon create a undesirable reputation for yourself. It’s important, because of this, to understand that social media is user-generated. Should you submit a article about how you like eco-friendly eggs, another person may leave you a remark or post something back which completely refutes your claim. Furthermore, you will come across those individuals who want the advantages that social media is offering but don’t want to do the task required. For instance, instead of composing high quality content or leaving a good comment on someone’s website, conventional linking now involves some individuals blatantly requesting links and/or spending money on links to their sites.

Spamming frequently takes place when people leave remarks on various other blog sites and include a hyperlink to the website within the body of the comment. They might additionally choose a cryptic name for instance “lovestodrive” vs . their real name “John Doe”. In the end, social media can be an incredibly important application if you take time to truly use it.

An enthusiastic social blogger who’s addicted to coffee, and writes about anything and everything that’s on my mind.

Working at social media marketing agency in Kent

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Corporate Social Media Policy Guidelines

Corporate Social Media Policy Guidelines

When does your company need a social technology policy?  Your company needs a social technology policy as soon as it makes the decision to engage in social technology, regardless of whether you employ two people or 2000 people. This protects both the company and its employees, and thus is to everyone’s advantage.  Social technology presences are not only part of your company’s overall public relations, they are also part of your company’s public records, and they need to be treated as such.

Social technology policy will help to define the purpose(s) of the company’s social presences and will establish recognizable boundaries to keep business on track and employees out of legal difficulties. Every company that uses computers — from the smallest to the largest — should have a written policy on computer and Internet use. If you have employees who are already engaged in social networking on their own, this can also be an excellent professional training opportunity for you all.

Does Your Company have a Social Media Policy ? Mashable, one the leading social media sites, had an excellent article posted in 2009 by Sharlyn Lauby, president of Internal Talent Management, titled “10 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy.” Her article can be read in its entirety at (available as of June 1, 2010) and is summarized here with our own comments.

1. Introduce the purpose of social media -  Many employees have social networking profiles in at least one place for their own reasons. This is a good place to establish the boundaries of acceptable use for your company – that it is a place for professional networking.

2. Be responsible for what you write – Consider carefully if what you are writing on a company’s social media site is the same as what you would say on their behalf on national televised news. Assume the Boss (be it your supervisor or your customer base) is watching everything you write, because chances are very good that’s exactly what is happening.

3. Be authentic – Allow your employees to add associates or friends to your network, to see what other people in your industry are doing or saying, and engage in discussion. Don’t be afraid to leave the chat box open on Facebook or to check incoming messages on LinkedIn. Update your followers when there are newsworthy changes or even just post tips.

4. Consider your audience – Clients may come and go, but what you post online stays forever. Be mindful that you might be writing for people who haven’t even started following you – yet.

5. Exercise good judgment – The good news here is that you probably have already covered most of this in your workplace policies or in labor law. Simply put: If it’s taboo in the workplace, it’s taboo in the workplace’s social media.

6. Understand the concept of community – Listen, respond and engage.

7. Respect copyrights and fair use – The ease of which Copy & Paste may be engaged in no way diminishes the stringency of the copyright laws and the importance of crediting sources. If you see something interesting and informative, by all means pass it on, but do unto others.

8. Remember to protect confidential and proprietary info – According to Sharlyn Lauby “Employees who share confidential or proprietary information do so at the risk of losing their job and possibly even ending up a defendant in a civil lawsuit.”

Don’t share the secret recipe for Krabby Patties online, unless you want to have your personal life in turn dragged through the courts and media.

9. Bring value -  Let your employees be your biggest promoters. Let them post interesting, creative comments on social sites. Social media sites aren’t just hosting sites for profiles anymore: People use them as search engines.

10. Productivity matters -  Lauby stresses the importance of striking a balance between social networking and other job duties. It’s a nice problem to have an employee so engaged in a particular task in their job that they have a difficult time tearing away from it. However, it’s still a problem.

A business that is all promotion and no actual service or product is a business that is selling New Clothes to Emperors. As Aristotle advised, moderation in all things.

Companies must make sure that they at least think carefully about how they are regulating (or not regulating) the use of social networking tools. Companies should incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into their existing information and document management policies.  A team approach to policy formation, including representatives of all affected constituencies (legal, records, risk management, IT, business units and others) is essential.

Start with some form of survey or assessment of current social networking practices within the organization and the needs of the organization going forward.

Organizations must learn how to holistically implement social tools across all areas.

Enterprise Social Technology book by Scott Klososky helps organizations harness the power of Social Media, Social Networking and Social Relevance.

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How important is having a blog?

How important is having a blog?

Is having a blog central to a social media plan and if so how should it be used?

Something that is often missed or passed over by many commentators when talking about the effective use of social media is the importance of your own website or blog in the context of your social media activities. Indeed listening to some all you need to do is have a Facebook account!

No. This is not the case; its selling yourself and your firm far short

Working with a blog should be central to everything you do. Don’t let web designers or agencies who want to develop an expensive Web 1.0 style website tell you differently; refer them to this blog post.

The social media provide the means to build rapport, relationship and trust; this is where you become known, liked and trusted but its not where the business is conducted.


Because this is done back at your blog. The blog should be you centre or hub where everything is pulled together in one cohesive, substantive and all encompassing centre of excellence.

The social media utilities are where you create excitement interest and enthusiasm, your blog is where you pull it all together.

So if its that important, where should one start?

The starting point is not to start but to look and learn!

The starting point is to research the social media world; try it out as a user. In this way you’ll come to see how your blog might fit in the wider context; then

1. Set up an RSS reader and subscribe to blogs;
2. See what is really popular and think about what it means for you and your output;
3. Sign up on twitter and see what others in your sector are saying and doing [it may not be good]; its a good idea to do Twitter searches on your competitors;
4. Make a commitment to actively follow people on Twitter who you find or who you know put out great quality content on their blogs so you get to see it as it comes up;
5. Sign up at a mix of social book marking sites and engage; see how others use their blogs in this context;
6. Visit the main networking sites for your service arena;
7. Visit relevant forums and start posting a few comments, but only when and where you can add value;
8. Get a feel for it, take your time, see how it all works; get a feel for where you feel most comfortable

Remember that when your social media plan, your online videos, your podcasts and all else is in place you’ll have a fully interconnected series of new media sites that work in concert on your behalf; but don’t try or even think you can set it all up in a day and that’s it; it doesn’t work like that!

When you’re comfortable the 1st thing to do is to set up your own blog and simply start blogging with your very best materials.

A blog is a powerful tool as it allows your readers to: add content and to subscribe so they are automatically notified when content is updated; they also automatically ping the search engines when content is updated.

I recommend a WordPress blog as they are simple to set up and there are many free plug-ins available giving extraordinary functionality dependent on what you want to do.

The great thing about WordPress is that there is almost no set up but the downside with hosted blogging is that it does not deliver as much search engine benefit because the content does not reside on your website domain; therefore I recommend getting your own keyword focused domain name and placing your WordPress blog there;

All the main hosting providers have ready made arrangements for facilitating a WordPress blog so it really is very easy to set up.

The keys to effective use of your blog really are very simple:

1. Focus your posts on things that are current;
2. Address issues your target audience are concerned about or interested in;
3. Make sure each blog post is keyword optimised for words people are searching for that the post focuses in on;
4. Encourage people to contribute to debates;
5. Post the answers to the questions, problems, and challenges that you know from looking elsewhere that people are asking;
6. Don’t be afraid of controversy and taking a stand; this encourages participation; and
7. Focus on developing active conversations that draw more and more people into the frame;

Its also important to:

1. Post links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites whenever you make a new post;
2. Think about guest Blogging on other high traffic, blogs using well written posts with a bi-line and a link back to your own blog;
3. Keep asking for comments, asking questions, seeking opinions and do make sure that you comment on all the substantive comments that folks make on your blog;
4. Visit the blogs of those who are commenting and write on their sites; and where appropriate link to their content in your blog posts and via Twitter; all is well as this becomes infectious and everyone benefits.

WordPress templates are also readily available giving preset functionality helping the newbie to quickly achieve the desired results. I use the Socrates template which you can find out more about by clicking on the Affiliate link word ‘Socrates’ at the very bottom right hand side of this blog page.

Your blog should become the main way for people to really come to know you and your firm.

Do people want to go to your blog per say? No! So why have one?

Because on your blog, with its keyword titled and optimised posts, prospects will find the answers to their questions and get to know you as you help them to understand more.

When considering the potential of the social media, its not the utilities themselves, be it your blog, Facebook, twitter, the social book marking platforms or news sites or LinkedIn that are important,it’s the information they contain

Set up an RSS feed:

1. RSS feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically at the same time as benefiting readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from preferred blogs or websites.

2. In essence what happens is all those feeds from as many sites as you chose to draw from come into one place where the reader can view them all.

3. RSS feeds are read using an “RSS reader”. A user subscribes to a feed by clicking the RSS icon in a web browser. The RSS reader checks the user’s subscribed feeds regularly for new work, downloads any updates that it finds, and provides a user interface to monitor and read the feeds.

It’s a good idea to start social book marking your ‘stuff’ including all your videos and your high value blog posts. This will open up channels to your website creating back links and visitors; examples of book marking sites include: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon,Google buzz,, Mixx, Fark, Clipmarks, Newsvine, Propeller, Mister Wong, Blinklist, and faves; but there hundreds more.

Now I know that most of these sites are US based but UK people do use them. As far as I can tell there are few if any of note specifically focused on the UK.

Your Blog should be integrated into all aspects of your social media initiatives;

1. every post should be promoted via twitter;
2. when videos are included in a post each should be uploaded to the main video upload sites,
3. all your blog posts with video should be posted to Facebook and LinkedIn,
4. and if its of real interest you should make a Pod cast of the blog post video and up load it to the main Pod cast channels although for the minute its itunes that is the most important

One important guideline is that a significant percentage of your blog posts should include a short video, with commentary. The commentary should be a repeat of the same information presented in the video; its for those that prefer to read quickly, including giving any links that are mentioned in the video,

One of the most frequent questions about blogging is this:

What is more important the quality of the content of a blog or the frequency of the updating of the blog itself? i.e. do we go for a few infrequently placed really good articles or loads of average fare?

Now of course frequency is an issue and it is important. Who wants to repeatedly go back to a blog and see very little that is new? Nobody!

If you do take this approach then you’ll quickly find that the few that come in the first place start coming back fewer and fewer times if you’re not updating.

So if you want regular visitors, whom you’re seeking to build rapport and relationship with, you must keep updating regularly

But above all else,, whether considering the blog from the readers perspective or the search engine’s, it’s the quality of the material that is by far the most important factor in your success.

This is where most go wrong and loose what following they have built because the substance just isn’t there to warrant repeat visits

This means whether you use a daily, or a once or twice a week or a twice monthly blog update regime this is far less important than only Blogging when you have something relevant, valuable, timely or interesting to say to those you’re targeting.

The upshot of all this is that you must keep on top of your Blogging:

1. you must be doing your research; you must be developing new or fresh insights;
2. you should be shaping up interesting angles;
3. you must be posing questions to stimulate debates and new threads;
4. you need to get off the fence and polarise folk into taking a position;
5. you need to be providing an insider’s perspective, developing an angle, or taking a stand, whatever it takes to be someone people appreciate hearing more from.

The adoption of such a tack will mean your blog will get backlinks, people will respond and make comments; people will quote your ‘stuff’ and it will be seen as useful and worthy of future visits.

The result your market profile will become ever stronger, you will enjoy better search engine rankings people will see you as someone with something say; people will start to appreciate your worth and a whole new world will open up.

A problem for some firms that have started using Blogging and the social media is their failure to manage it as a means of attaining beneficial results.

Jumping into Blogging & social media initiatives without knowing what clearly defined benefits you seek to attain is a totals waste of time. as usually this means that little will achieved as there is no focus in what you’re doing and no integration in the campaign context with other social media sites.

Real value must be defined from both the client’s and the firm’s perspectives.

There is no purpose in doing something that will take time and resource if its not clear why you’re doing it, how all parties will benefit and where should be the focus to achieve the desired benefits.

For example For your firm the benefits of your blogging and social media activities might be

1. To improve the service innovation process by encouraging customer input;
2. To build trusting relationships with prospects that translate into new client contracts;
3. To identify service short falls via client feedback;
4. To understand what people think of you and what is being said about the firm in the local context;
5. To connect and build relationships with other firms that result in JVs or new business;
6. To get happy clients to become advocates of the firm;
7. To reinvigorate past clients to use the firm once more; or
8. To build must use status for the firm in its area of expertise or To build go-to status for the firm’s business leaders

Then from the client’s perspective the benefits might be:

1. The provision of excellent quality information communicated in ways and at times when they want to receive it;
2. To gain the feeling that the organization values and really cares about them;
3. To enjoy a great experience when interacting with the company;
4. The ability to affect how a service is being marketed or created thus giving a feeling of contribution and involvement; and
5. They can enjoy special Offers and promotions which they take exclusively through the social media channels they like to use or at the blog.

These may or may not be specific to your clients as there will be hundreds of objectives and resultant benefits arising from the effective use of the social media sector by sector, practise by practise.

The key here is actually setting up these value statements so that you have a clear idea in what areas and how, the firm its partners, prospects and clients who are consuming your materials and entering into dialogues with you are benefiting.


Because herein lies the raison d’etre for committing too and implementing your Blogging programme and your social media plan.

You can see many more articles like this at our Online Video for Professionals blog.



Stephen Kember is Proprietor at Online Video For Professionals; a firm dedicated to supporting the business owners of professional services firms in the UK and France with their online marketing using online video and the social media to establish relationships, build trust and get more of the right sort of clients.


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Earn Top Positions on Google Blogging!

Earn Top Positions on Google Blogging!

Blogging is a worldwide method of sharing information about most anything you can think of in today’s online environment. A blog is a form of a digital online journal where you can share with the world your thoughts, ideas, opinions or promote your business opportunity. Search engine like “Google, Yahoo, Bing and other fine search engines loves the new content that can be created and posted to article directories, other blogs, forums and message boards just to name a few.

Blogging is not for everyone, however, more and more people are turning their attention to blogging to promote their business opportunities. Many individuals are looking to blogs for reading about their interests regarding various subjects. Blogging is fun, simple and easy to do and can be learned rather quickly if you’re willing to get involved in the regiment of blogging for profit.

If you own your own blog there are many styles of formats that you can use for a blog template. I personally like the word press blog formats because they are open sourced, easy to build and simple to incorporate add-ons as you progress in your blogging knowledge and activities. I love the various choices that this blogging format uses over other blogging platforms which are owned and controlled by some of the major search engines.

In my opinion the variety of applications used in the word press blog format is far superior and well worth the time and effort to develop and incorporate into your marketing strategies.

Let’s talk for a moment about some of the basics of every type of blog. First you need a title that has some relevancy to what your blog is all about. This is what the user will see on the internet when a search query is matched with the search engine response and contains the keywords that you have in your title.

Once you’ve posted the title of the blog then the body follows where you will be sharing your content information with the internet masses. This is an area where the search engines places a substantial amount of weight with regard to ranking your site on the internet. Content is king in whatever you’re writing and posting to the internet. Provide good relevant keyword rich content to obtain the best online results.

Understand trackbacks where other sites can be linked back to your blog. Linking is another area that the search engines pays particular attention to for ranking your web site high in their page ranking process.

In blogging you build a permanent link with every article that you write and post. Each blog will have its own unique URL. This allows you to promote each blog as its own entity. You can become very keyword specific in your title as well as the content area of each of your blogs. This is especially important if you’re promoting any type of a niche blog.

You can set up each blog to receive comments. Many blog owners don’t accept comments, while others accept all comments without reservation. I like to pick and choose which comments I accept that way I can keep the comments in check with the subject matter of my blog theme. Otherwise you will have people who will spam your blog with all kind of junk comments about everything under the sun. Always maintain control of your comment area of your blogs.

Having the ability to choose a template that fits your personal taste as well as your subject matter can be a tremendous asset to your online future. This is somewhat different than if you’re building a website which can be made up of numerous individual pages. Your blog is a one post at a time and each blog stands on its own merit.

A blog template simplifies the learning process of blogging because the blog format already has some fixed settings that are necessary regarding the structure of your blog. You already have a place to insert your blog title, a place to post your content, a place for the categories that you want to emphasize, a comment area as well as specific tags that are relevant to your particular blog. This is simplicity at its finest. Use it to your advantage.

If you’re new to the blogging scene then these helpful hints may be a significant help in getting you started in the wonderful world of blogging. There are a couple of ways that blogging can become a powerful plus to your overall marketing strategies. One is to build your own blog and tweak it to where it does exactly what you want it to do or you can post to existing blogs that offer varied opinions on the subject matter that you’re trying to promote. Using both of these venues in unison can enhance your online exposure substantially.

By posting to other blogs you can become familiar with how the blogging process works and make sure you take advantage of linking to and commenting on your new found blogging experience.

Many individuals think that blogging is limited to personal use only. You can effectively promote your business with some great results if you do it correctly. If you’re not sure just how to do this process, then seek the help of a marketing professional quickly in your learning process.

The uses of blogging platforms are endless. You can follow various themes such as sports, religion, politics, and philosophy etc. or for your social networking needs. It’s advisable to take the time and do a Google Search on the subject of “blogging” and understand the values of blogging in today’s marketplace.

More and more entrepreneurs are benefiting with this easy to use marketing tool that permits literally millions of potential clients to log onto the internet each day for updates, new ideas and new promotions in your business. Blogging has become a very lucrative addition to many of these already successful marketers.

In summary: Blogging can be fun, effective and easily incorporated into your existing marketing strategies. You can cover endless themes and topic for either personal or business purposes. You can advertise books, current events, and general news or be more specific with post regarding recent catastrophes. Use blogs for education, business promotions or just as a personal journal. The uses of blogging are endless, yet extremely powerful. There are little to no rules when it comes to blogging, however, you should always use good common sense when doing any kind of writing and posting on the internet.

The eBiz Solutions Team of BLM Traders is standing by to assist you in your blogging and marketing challenges. Call today for your free 30 minute “no obligation” consultation.

“Let’s Build Your Business Together”

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting


Larry L Miller – SEM/SEO Consultant specializes in promoting clients to “Top Positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing”. Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Tools. Get your own e-Mail Follow-up Auto Responder today. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Skype: larrylmiller121

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